I always end up in a different game than the people I'd like to play with... why?

When creating an Account at Epic games you're assigned to a certain "sub-queue". As of currently, there seem to be two. So, if you always end up in a different game than others (3-4 tries should be enough to be certain) you have to create one, or more multiple alt-accounts and try playing on them until you are matched with the people you'd like to play with. Unfortunately there is no other method than trial and error as Epic doesnt expose the sub-queue you're assigned to.

I have linked an Alt-account but it doesnt work?!

When you've linked an Alt-account you're required to leave and re-join the lobby. When doing so you'll be presented with a window to select the account that you will play on.

Why would I link the Alt-account to my main? Cant I just sign in with the alt account?

The Alt-account merely exists for simplicity and clearness. The stats displayed in the lobby will still be the ones from your Main account and people might have an easier time recognizing / linking your alt-account to your main account, hence knowing who they're dealing with.

Why is the maximum limit for lobbies set to 18?

I've spent a lot of time developing this bot and still actively work on it implementing more features and fixing bugs. If you actively use and enjoy the bot you can support my work by donating towards development and in return get a higher slot limit <3

Why does the bot sometimes detect people as dead and sometimes not?

The bot cannot detect if you are still alive or not, the only way for it to detect that you've died is when you leave the game. If you continue to spectate you need to manually tell the bot that you've died.

Why does the bot accept and delete me again? Is the bot not console compatible?

Well, *technically*, it is compatible, however, you, and everyone playing, will have to create an Epic account and link it to their PSN / XBL profile. If the bot accepts and deletes you again you need to do... that.