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What are "Snipe Games"?
So called snipe games are something hosted by many streamers, hosting them at a big scale with many people however is a very tideous thing to do, hence many streamers who would like to host such dont. This bot aims to make it simple, not not just simpler but simple.
Unlike the name suggesting it, you wont be playing a game where everyone is using snipers, sorry. The aim of this bot is to make the normally hard to organize thing easier: Playing games against a select group of people. Be it a hand full of highly skilled players facing each other for training purposes, or simply your favourite Streamer who wants to play against his viewers.
This service is completely free of charge and developed by ... me, Kinsi. If you'd like to get in touch with me you can find me on Twitter or on Twitch if you'd like to leave a token of appreciation for my work <3 (German speaking stream)

  • ● Automatic game ID detection *1
  • ● Automatic duo / squad detection *1
  • ● Stat check / requirement and display (optional)
  • ● Alt-account support (optional)
  • ● Ready-up phase and follow-up countdown
  • ● Synchronized(latency corrected) countdown
  • ● Automated requeue for bricked lobbies *3
  • ● Up to 3000 players per SnipeLobby *2
*1 Game detection only works for people who have the bot in their friendlist, additionally duo / squad detection only works for lobbies set to at least "friends can join"
*2 Default limit is 18. Obviously I have interest to get something back for my work, so if you need more slots get in touch with me on Twitter.
*3 Only available to "Elite Sniper" or higher.